Oct 13, 2012

We are living in “Metaphysically” the Fourth Dimension

By Marsigit

Nick Sandberg, 2002, The Two Towers Fall - Awakening to the Fourth Dimension: Some Qabalistic reflections on the September 11 Tragedy, introduce his writing with the following excerpt: "I scarcely move,

Yet swiftly seem to run; My son, thou seest, Here Space and Time are one." - Wagner's "Parcifal". He called this piece as a personal Qabalistic reflection on some of the symbols arising from the tragic events of the date September 11th 2001; and, from this, he hope the subject can be viewed as a valid topic for discussion; while hoping to utilize the esoteric works on higher dimensional experience to show that behind the terrible human tragedy of the day remains a very positive and powerful symbol for human and planetary development, reflection, perception, and judgement of something associated with superconsciousness - the divine. It learned us how human consciousness on both a personal and planetary level and their effort of experiencing more dreams intended to integrate deep and dark aspects of the human psyche in which then Mikuma Yoshifumi, 1995, in his "Welcome to the 'Fourth Dimension' ", stated that we could expand a streach of time when a backlog is killing us, and contract it when we can't wait for a next date; however, people seem to think of it as a science fictional world, which does not exist, in which he believes, however, that in a way, we can say it really does exist. And this belief will open up a whole new world for us; so here today, we need to take on a journey through the world of the fourth dimension. In which the concept of the "fourth dimension" unthinkable, we still hear the word "time," we usually think of the kind of "time" which is indicated by a clock or watch; and seems everything to exist irreversible sequence of occurrences, and thus is bound by time.

The idea that we live in a world with more than three dimensions said to be tantalizing one by Charles H. Hinton, (2004), in his “On the Fourth Dimension”. He stated that it's commonly accepted that time is the "fourth" dimension, but it's too easy for people to just say, "Time is the fourth dimension," and leave it at that and strived to visualize what a fourth spacial dimension really means by starting to think about what the world would be like with less dimensions and what it means to expand that world into higher levels of existence. He claimed that we do not know what the universe was doing before it was expanding; a leading theory, inflation, is an attractive addition to the framework, but it lacks cross bracing in a so called cosmology. Cosmology on the other hand, deals with the nature of the universe and concerned with how the universe is put together, and what underlying rules and properties does it have, in which, according to Ross, K.L. (2000), there is a debate about whether a universe with structure can have randomness or a universe that is chaotic that can have structure. Adams, C. and Zachariah, C. (2004), imagined that the fourth dimension was a step between the 3rd and 5th dimensions where you saw a little of both in one moment; there would be corruption and ignorant yet also lightness and beauty. They perceived that in the fifth dimension, we are more able to keep the angelic part of your nature at hand at all times. This is truly the beginning of your ascent up the stairway to the heavens, your true home; many have worked together to bring this joyous awakening about; our hearts cried out for the light and for the truth to be known on earth of who we are. We are, accordingly, light-beings of great beauty and love and at last beginning to awaken and bring our full awareness to earth life; we are growing closer to whom we truly are. With this higher dimension we are more able to see the light in others as well as in ourself.

Meanwhile, Ouspensky, P.D. (1921) in his “Tertium Organum” developed method for understanding the four dimension by employing four mutually interchangeable coordinates, three of space and one of time. According to him, time is the fourth dimension of space imperfectly sensed-apprehended by consciousness successively, and thereby creating the temporal illusion; while in the same time he attempted to prove the Kantian problems of the subjectivity of space and time. Ouspensky was sure of place in the hierarchy of philosopherto solve the problems of human existence by employing the binocular vision of the mathematician and the mystic. According to Oupensky, the fourth dimension is the dimension of problem of superior states of consciousness in which there shall be time no longer. The people of the fourth dimension are in the world but not of it; their range is far wider than this slum of space; in them dormant faculties are alert, like birds of the air, their fitting symbols, they are at home in realms which others cannot enter, even though already there; nor are these heavenly eagles confined to the narrow prison of the breast and their bodies are as tools which they may take up or lay aside at will.

Damardjati Supajar (2002) in his “Nawang Sari” excerpted the Whitehead’s work that the universe shows us two aspects: on one side it is physically wasting, on the other side it is spiritually ascending; and excerpted the Herakleitos’ work that “This world order, which is the same for all, none of the men has made. It wasever, is now and shall be: an Ever Living Fire, kindling in measures and being extinguished in measures”. Further, he noted “Keep our mind widely open, to a new ideas and evidence”. Agreed with Oupensky, Damardjati Supajar emphasized that people who have developed their self-consciousness and cosmic-consciousness are able to uncover the mysteries of the fourth dimension (Marsigit, 18 November 2008)


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  2. Methaphysically is a branch of philosophy that deals with the analytical process of the fundamental nature of the existence and the reality that accompanies it. The study of metaphysics generally pivots on the fundamental question of existence and attributes that include the reality under study. While in my opinion Methaphysically is an activity to learn and understand all the objects that exist around the human who generally can not be felt with the five senses. Because the world of Methaphysically different, then it is necessary to contemplate and try to address the existing events with a sense of sincerity and patience.

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    Dunia yang kita tempati sekarang terdiri dari berbagai macam dimensi kehidupan. Tugas kita adalah berusaha melakukan refleksi diri untuk mempersiapkan apa saja yang diperlukan dalam melewati setiap dimensi kehidupan tersebut. Dengan begitu kita sebagai human education dapat menghadapi dunia yang bersifat dinamis dan diselimuti dengan kecanggihan IPTEK. Dan tuntutan bagi kami sebagai mahasiswa adalah harus membuat suatu gebrakan yang inovatif yang dapat membuat kami di pandang sebagai individu yang unggul dan kreatif, sehingga kedepannya kami akan siap untuk menghadapi ekonomi ASEAN yang semakin berkembang pesat.

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    Dimensi biasanya dilekatkan dengan dua kata yaitu ruang dan waktu.Dalam mengungkap misteri ke empat dimensi, jika dicerna dari postinga tersebut lebih cair dengan waku.Hal ini terungkap lewat teori-teori yang di paparkan para ahli.Salah satunya menurut H. Hinton di alam bukunya yang berjudul “On the Fourth Dimension” Dia mengatakan bahwa waktu adalah dimensi ke empat.Ini menandakan bahwa waktu merupakan hal yang ketat di dalam perbincangan dimensi.Sebenarnya saya melihat bahwa kita sedang berada di ke empat dimensi yang berbentuk secara metafisik.Itulah bayangan keadaan yang saya coba tangkap dari postingan ini.