Oct 13, 2012

Cosmological Approach to Understand the Fourth Dimension

By Marsigit

Emil Mayev, 2003, in his “Glow from the inside out (Great Central Sun transmissions)” elaborated “ascension” to indicate that the third-dimensional physical plane would turn into a fifth-dimensional world within a certain time frame (some claim a couple of decades, some 1000 years); before it would enter this 'fifth dimension' it would go through the fourth dimension. He lectured the following:

“Earth shall continue to illuminate from within following entry into the Great Central Sun. Inside of the Great Central Sun, Earth shall be bathed in light day and night. The illumination of Earth shall be experienced as an increasing light inside and outside of all form. At first the light may glow in the form of a more present auric field or "halo". Later, all living things shall glow from the inside out as if they have a light bulb inside that has been turned on. Over time, the light shall continue to increase until all that appears solid appears semi-etheric, or can be seen through. It is at this point that Earth shall have entered the fourth dimension. It is anticipated that Earth shall not move into the fourth dimension in full for some 300 years into your future. After Earth has stabilized in the fourth dimension, the illumination within all form shall continue to grow, gradually and over time. From a third dimensional experience, Earth shall begin to "melt" with most rock and stone as you know it becoming liquid. However, form shall continue to appear solid within the fourth dimension. As the fire increases in the third dimension to enough of a "heat" over time and with continued illumination, all of Earth shall combust and enter the fifth dimension. At such a time, in the third dimension a star shall be born, and Earth shall be inflamed. However, upon the fifth dimension, all shall appear as it should or solid, but lighter, less dense, more illuminated, more transparent than you experience in present time. Earth is not anticipated to ascend to the fifth dimension for some 1000 years into your future”.

Mayev,E. (2003) further noted that the planet has passed to nadir of its descent into matter, and is now ascending towards the fourth dimension, and this would be a long slow process if there not a steadily increasing body of beings in the fifth dimension who are here to facilitate an accelerated transition towards the fourth dimension.

He then perceived that this translates into meaning that all of those angelic forces who inhabit the fourth dimension will have more influence and effect on your lives, and you will begin to experience that you do create your own experiences though your thoughts and emotions.

He confined that we create an energy field around ourself of emotionally charged thoughts, and these attract various types of devic beings who work to bring people and events of a similar vibration into your sphere of activity.

Further, Mayev,E. (2003) believed that this is where ideas of flow come from, where synchronous events just happen; so, the burden is upon us, as the earth accelerates to higher frequencies, to keep your thoughts positive and kind.

As you work on keeping a positive focus, meditating, and purifying your energy field, you will draw to yourself helpful devic beings, and you will experience a greater sense of synchronicity and flow in your life.

He then stressed that our material world is accelerating rapidly towards the fourth dimension, and just as we cannot always sense speed while traveling in a large vehicle, so we cannot directly sense this acceleration.

At this time it, he confined, is important that we maintain a constant attitude of faith, hope and cheerfulness no matter what your circumstances are, since your thoughts and feelings will affect your energy field on the fourth dimension, and the devic beings who work on this level will have increasingly more power and influence on the physical level.

Mayev, E., 2003, Glow from the inside out (Great Central Sun transmissions), The Fourth Dimension, Gibbon's Front Door: http://www.members.aol.com, /Emilmayev/fourthdimension.htm

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