Oct 10, 2012

Elegi Menggapai "Ontology of Teaching"

By Marsigit

This article means just for experienced teachers and not for the novice and also not for the pupils; however this will be useful for the students who are studying philosophy of eduation.

The ontology of teaching lies behind the scene of teaching. Behind the scene of teaching means somethings that can not be seen and can not be observed directly through our sensory.

Thus ontology of teaching is only thought by our minds. So, it is in your mind.

In order to understand the Ontology of Teaching need to unover the meaning of the following terms:

Concept, structure, superserve, subserve, intuition, apodictic, idea, sense, empirical, judgment, analytic, synthetic, abstraction, idealization, architectonic, isomorphic, analog, critical, value, ontological, epistemological, internal, external, transcendent, constructive, a prior, a posteriori, school, faculty, limit, beyond, subjective, objective, omnijective, characters, empty, determinism, subject, object, predicate, right, wrong, coherent, corespondent, absolute, relative, fallibism, monism, dualism, pluralism, formal, material, normative, actual, potential, teleology, amphibol, ambivalent, contradiction, anomaly, induction, deduction, hermeneutics, phenomenology, noumena, develop, hologram, autonomy, parallogicism, idealism, realism, naturalism, rationalism, analog, teleology, accident, dynamic, category, judgment,absolutism,relativism,principle, axiology, world, cosmology, spirit, soul, fourth dimension, time, space, proposition, quality, quantity, awareness, meaning, definition, orientation, contradictory, anomaly, change, foundation, consistent, coherence, metaphysic, epoche, fatalism, progressive, utility, pragmatism, idol, esse est percipi, perception, ground, intrinsic, extrinsic, systemic, minds, thinking, paradox, schema, antinomi, univocal, equivocal, reflective, effort, power, directed, guided, common sense, humanism, spiritualism, assumption, pre-assumption, formalism, logicism, positivism, comtemporary, modern, posmodern, renaisanse, neo platonism, platovism, platonic cave, ethic, aesthetic, experience, dream, finite, infinite, infinite regress, beginning, lasting, quality, single, rigor, validity, sustainability, two oneness intuition, twin, exploit, create, extacy, meditation, soul, critical, scepticism, pure reason, impure reason, duty, expose, purpose, naturalism, instantly, instrumentalism, hedonism, nihilism, substance, existensialism, to be, being, being qua being, being qua having,anti, content, frame, material approach, formal approach, brain storming,cyclic, the principle of identity, competent, conformity, simplicity, architectonic, logos, myth, symbolic, example, perfectly, convergent, divergent, belong to, clarity, vogue, distract, temptation, given, holistic, history, harmony, gegenwishensaften, das sein, das sollen, naturwissensaften, prima causa, forma, bulying, premis, conclusion, author, in between, socio-constructivist, idle inside, moving inside, idle outside, moving outside, pseudo, message, discreet, continue, boundary, limit, material, genesis, definition, conjencture, context, artefact, genious, theory, practical, stream, grand, narration, stage, life after life, create, axiomatic, commensurable, transform, power, enculture, imbeded, ground, search, missing link, connected, refer, ready, related, break down, consecutive, exchange, burden, obliged, initiate, follow, nuance, atmosphere, enthusiastic, behave, skill, experience, knowledge, anecdote, syllogism, general, universal, example, model, hero, ethnic, ethnographic, extend, dark room, shadow, light, candle, ladder, zone, proximal, role, dominate, passion, prima facie, unique, pass, pass away, long life, paradigm, communicate, sink, single, multiple, chronology, time line, dependent, independent, effect, indiscriminate, in purpose, actualization, esteem, proud, competition, collaborate, global, pole, direct, dream, vision, freedom, attach, append, ambiguous, just, wisdom, proportion, position, willingness, indirect, leisure, convince, struggle, trust, committed, open, closed, ending

Think them intensively and extensively.

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