Feb 12, 2013

Some Problems in the Effort of Promoting Innovations of Teaching Learning of Mathematics and Sciences in Indonesia

By Marsigit

The identification of the problems comes from some cases: pre-service teacher training programs, teacher certification program through training, teacher certification program trough course.

The main problem is how to promote innovative teaching learning of Mathematics and Sciences.

The promotion means to move from teacher centered of teaching be a students centered.

In the implementation to peer teaching, the identified problems are as follows:
1) how to involve the students from the very early of teaching learning processes,
2) how to facilitate all students with all their different characteristics, 3) how to develop students work sheet,
4) how to develop the structure of teaching learning,
5) how to develop the schema for interaction,
6) how to develop the scheme for achieving students' competencies,
7) how to develop supporting teaching aids,
8) how to develop teaching material,
9) how to develop Lesson Plan, and
10) how to develop Practical Work?

It was indicated that the teacher has difficulty how to encourage the engagement of their students.

Usually, from the start of their teaching the teachers employ greatly on their expository to introduce, to inform, to consolidate and to explain.

So from the beginning of the lesson the students are always in the passive position.

The affects of the situation is then clearly to identified that the teachers are characterized as to dominate the initiation, to dominate the activities, end even to dominate the creativity.

For the higher achievement students the teacher suggests them to wait the others; and for the lower achievement students the teacher tend to encourage them un-proportionally.

The teacher develops students work sheet in a single form and it mostly as a collection of problems.

Group discussions to be promoted are usually characterized as pseudo-group means that while the teacher let the students work in the groups, the teachers are still delivering their explanation to the whole class.

The most clear structure of teaching is in the schema of introduction, content and closing remark.

However, the teachers have not had a clear schema how to achieve students' competencies and how to develop the schema of interaction as well.

The reference for developing teaching aids and teaching material is still limited so that the teachers seemed to have difficulties to develop them.

The most crucial thing is that teachers' perception not to pay seriously on Lesson Plan preparation.

Most of the teachers prepare a very simple form of Lesson Plan that mostly they are expected by the supervisor, head teachers as well as the local government of education.

Yogyakarta, October 2010

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  1. Fevi Rahmawati Suwanto
    PMat A / S2

    Permasalahan utama inovasi belajar mengajar matematika dan ilmu pengetahuan di Indonesia adalah tentang bagaimana mengubah pembelajaran yang berpusat pada guru menjadi pembelajaran yang berpusat pada siswa. Dari paparan di atas masalah tersebut diidentifikasi melalui proses pembelajaran yakni bahwa pada awal pembelajaran guru lebih menginisiasi dan mendominasi pembelajaran untuk memperkenalkan, menginformasikan, dan menjelaskan materi yang dipelajari, pada situasi ini siswa menjadi pasif. Selanjutnya pada kegiatan initi berupa diskusi kelompok, guru belum memiliki skema yang jelas bagaimana mencapai kompetensi siswa dan bagaimana mengembangkan skema interaksi. Selain itu referensi untuk pengembangan sarana bantu mengajar dan mengajar materi masih terbatas sehingga guru sulit mengembangkannya.


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