Feb 12, 2013

Elegi Pemberontakan Pendidikan Matematika 3: Budaya Matematika Menghasilkan Mathematical Intuition

Oleh Marsigit

Masih melanjutkan pentingnya membudayakan matematika.Thompson, P.,1993, mengatakan bahwa:

" if intuition in mathematics is properly characterized as a living growing element of our intellect, an intellectual versatility with our present concepts about abstract structures and the relations between these structures, we must recognize that its content is variable and subject to cultural forces in much the same way as any other cultural element. Even the symbols designed for the expression and development of mathematics have variable meanings, it must therefore remain an important strategy to aim to develop an increasingly versatile and expressive medium for the representation of familiar ideas"

Jadi intuisi matematika itu adalah subject to cultural forces (budaya bermatematika); dan intuisi matematika sangat penting untuk menghasilkan ide-ide/gagasan matematika. Pelajaran yang dapat kita ambil adalah bahwa membudayakan matematika itu merupakan tanggungjawab semua pihak, sekolah, guru, dan masyarakat (orang tua).

Thompson, P.,1993, The Nature And Role Of Intuition In Mathematical Epistemology, University College, Oxford University, U.K.

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