Feb 12, 2013

The Simple Logic of The Need to Reform of Mathematics Education in Indonesia

By. Marsigit
Mixing from value beliefs and empirical evidences, there are currently demands in Indonesia, that any educational reform should handle the issues of: (a) how to promote interactive curriculum rather than instrumental curriculum, (b) how to promote student centered approach rather than teacher centered approach, (c) how to promote students’ initiation rather than teacher’s domination, and (d) how to promote simple and flexible curriculum rather than crowded and tight-structured curriculum. While in term of observable good practice, there were demands that teachers need to have a chance to reflect their teaching in such a way that they may move from older paradigm of teaching to the new one. Teachers may move from emphasizing the “teaching” to emphasizing the “learning”; they may move from the act of “transferring teacher’s knowledge” to “constructing students’ knowledge”.

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