Feb 12, 2013

The anxiety of Mathematics Teachers and Their Problems

By Marsigit
The respondent teachers indicated that their anxieties were related closely to their problems of teaching. Furthermore, the teachers expressed that the following reflects their difficulties and expected problems in conducting teaching learning of mathematics at secondary school:
1. Some teachers do not expect to produce the text book by themselves. From the available text-books the teachers want to have criteria how to choose them appropriately.
2. Some teachers have questioned about the effectiveness of the component of innovative teaching e.g. they expressed their experiences that group discussion has not contributed quickly to the achievement on national examination.
3. There was a teacher wish to in-depth study on how to develop Lesson Plan for Team Teaching. However, some teachers acknowledged that they had not a clear the picture of the implementation of the team teaching yet.
4. Some teachers acknowledged that their styles of mathematics teaching were much influenced by their obligation to prepare their students to get high achievement on national examination.
5. Some teachers felt still to have difficulties on determining time allocation. They felt to have more time for teaching mathematics.
6. There are more teachers expected to be able to develop more practical and more effective students’ worksheet. How about their structure, their form, and the minimum requirement should be put on them.
.....to be continued........

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