Feb 12, 2013

Elegi Pemberontakan Pendidikan Matematika 1: Intuisi dalam Matematika

Elegi Pemberontakan Pendidikan Matematika 1:

Intuisi dalam Matematika

Oleh Marsigit

Saya nukilkan pendapat Thompson bagaimana peran intuisi dalam matematika berikut ini:

"Any satisfactory analysis of the role of intuition in mathematics should recognize it as a versatility in measuring up new situations, or even conjecturing them, using a rich repository of recurrent and strategically-important schema or conceptual structures, painstakingly abstracted from sensory experience by the intellect, constrained by the languages available to us at the time, and influenced by the accumulated resources of our cultural and scientific heritage: what intuition does not do is constitute an insight gained by reason, through some remarkable clairvoyant power that is an insight, which, for Gödel, seemingly paved the way towards a crystal-clear apocalyptic vision of mathematics, or, for Descartes, paved the way into the ultimate structure of the human mind"

Thompson, P.,1993, The Nature And Role Of Intuition In Mathematical Epistemology, University College, Oxford University, U.K,

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