Feb 12, 2013

Identification the Problems on The Effort to Improve Teaching Learning Practice

Followings are problems identified by the Participants of Technical Guidance to Prepare International Class for Secondary Mathematics, National Department of Education, Indonesia.
Venue: Hotel Sahid, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Day/date: Sunday November 23, 2008

1. Slamet Mulyadi, SPd (SMPN14 Ambon, Maluku)
- Communication in English
2. B. Ginanto, Drs (SMP N3 Purworejo, Central Jawa)
- How to asses the success of teaching learning process
- How to implement classroom-based assesment
3. Sukamti, SPd (SMPN5 Sragen Central Jawa)
- How to promote motivation
- How to involve students participation
4. Puji Astuti, SPd (SMPN1 Surakarta Central Jawa)
- How to set up scenario for students activities
- How to develop student worksheet?
5. Laminto, Drs (SMPN1 Sukoharjo Central Jawa)
- How to promote student's appreciation to others students' works
- How to develop time allocation
6. Regina Sandehang, SPd (SMPN1 Bitung North Sulawesi)
- How to promote student centered teaching learning
7. Suyono, SPd (SMPN1 Bireuen Aceh)
- The extent of the influences of ICT toward the students competencies
- How to promote teaching learning in which the students enjoy
8. Furnaningtyas, SPd (SMPN2 Penajam East Kalimantan)
- How to improve the results of the summative test
- Hoe to prepare and to implement pre-test and post test?
9. Lis Suharyani, SPd (SMPN1 Metro Lampung)
- The dilemma between finishing the curriculum and emphasizing the process of teaching learning?
10. Hasman, SPd Ing (SMPN 14 Ambon, Maluku)
- In the case of English, the teacher should improve pronounciation skill
11. Martutwuri Handayani SPd (SMPN1 Magelang, Central Jawa)
- How to develop ICT in teaching learning
- The weakness of peer teaching activities
12. Arie Wahyuningsih, SPd (SMPN 2 Temanggung, Central Jawa)
- The dilemma between teacher centered and students centered
- How to make in balance between students freedom to express their ideas and student freedom to do whatever they like.
Supervisor: Marsigit

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