Sep 20, 2013

Elegi Wancara dengan Dr Marsigit, MA bidang Pendidikan

by Marsigit 


What subjects do you teach? What types of students do you have?
Mathematics Education
Philosophy of Mathematics Education

Psychology of mathematics education
Research on mathematics education
English for mathematics education
Method of teaching learning of mathematics
Lesson Study
Educational Management
Curriculum Development
Peer Teaching
International Perspective of Education
Ideology of Education
Can you provide a link to a site where we can see something about what you do or the center where you work?
How have your past experiences prepared you for teaching? How did you become interested in education?
I develop the schema before teaching.
I perceive education is belong to students
Who was your most influential teacher and why?
My influential figure is Paul Ernest, Jaworsky, Ebbutt and Straker, Piaget, Immanuel Kant
What is your educational philosophy?
My educational philosophy is progressive, democratic, student centred, constructivist, facilitating, education for all, liberating, collaboration, sharing, education as a need, development, ...
What is the most challenging aspect of teaching for you?
The challenging aspect of education is how to improve individual human resources and its society
What kind of relationship do you have with your students?
I try to FACILITATE their learning. Students are adults and active learners. They should take their responsibility in their learning. They are the counterpart of their teachers. The teacher should promote communication in an unlimited time and space.
What is the secret to instilling interest in knowledge?
The secret is not instilling but constructing
What is your philosophy on homework and grading?
Homework is just for preaparation/apperception for next activity
There is no the best grading.
Is it possible to teach creativity? how?
Creativity can not be teach, but it need to be facilitated and encouraged. Creativity is something life. So the nature of students is their creativity. Creativity will come out from mutual synergistic interaction among students, teachers, environment and its society in the context of space and time.
How do you establish authority? What do you do when a discipline problem arises?
It is very bad if the teacher think authority first. It should be the last. It is better if the authority is the results of a process. So the teacher will get his authority in nature.
How do you individualize your teaching? How do you handle the different ability levels of students in classes?
We need various method, resources and schema in order to facilitate differences and individual. Teacher should facilitate individual students to learn. There are various schema: schema of teaching, schema of interaction, and schema of achieving students' competencies. Method of teaching should flexible and dynamic.
What cooperative learning means to you. How have you used it?
I prefer cooperative approach than competitive one. Cooperation starts from the opens of mind, ability to hear, wishes to receive, good perception, positive thinking, ability to response, ability to deliver question, wishes to share, develop similar goal, develop similar method and scheme, provide space and time.
What do you expect from your supervisor? What qualities would you like to have in your principal?
Principal should understand philosophy to get clear picture of education; and should have concrete action to get meaningful educational practices.
What issues in education are of greatest concern to you?
My biggest issues of education is how to liberate education and education as a need. The key words of education issues are critical thinking, communication and universal.
Would it be a good thing if teachers had economic incentives based on student performance?
No, it is not good. Teachers' incentives should not directly based on students performance. Because education is for a longer term program
Besides more financial resources, what do today's schools lack?
Schools lack of vision and capacity and lack of collaborations
What are some ways you have incorporated technology into the classroom.
Technology should be perceived as a tool for communicating and promote interaction among the students and teachers.
In light of new technologies, do we need to reinvent the school, its methods and objectives?
To some extent, technology is teachers' creativity
If you could create the ideal school, what would it be like?
The ideal school should be a laboratory for students' development
What do you think schools will be like in 20 years?
In 20 years to come, the schools will influenced by mix factors e.g. local, national, international, etc
What are your professional goals? Where do you want to be in five years?
My professional goal is HRD. In 5 years to come I want to contribute/share my capacity systemically, rather than individual or a small group.
What qualities would you need to see in someone before advising him/her to go into teaching?
The teacher should make sure that education is the process of translating and to be translated.

Update, 2012

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