Mar 20, 2013

Mathematics and Language 8

Wow - this exchange is very heavy! My comments are on a very simple level: I am very good in math, I use it a lot, but when I look at the index of a first- or second- year algebra text I have no idea what the terms mean in the chapter headings; I can do it all once I read the problem, but the categorization is beyond me. If I were a kid learning this stuff I would be really put off - there is too much totally unnecessary vocabulary. 

Hi, Irene, good that you are bringing the thread back to its original idea. I think that everyone agrees that the vocabulary puts kids off. There are two big problems, however: (a) nowadays almost everything else in mathematics courses, not just the vocab, puts kids off. (b) Which vocab should one get rid of? After all, certain vocab will be necessary for some of the kids who have contact later on with mathematics, so we can't replace everything. Any suggestions? 

Irene's concerns is one of the communication problem in horizontal mathematics. This proves the claim of Realistic st that there should be Horizontal and Vertical Mathematics. And also give the account of School Mathematics that one of the nature of school mathematics is Communication; and thus the talk about the relationship between Mathematics and language is relevant. Whilst Vertical Mathematics is the business of Pure Mathematicians, and advance or adult learner. For the outsiders or the younger learner of mathematics concrete mathematics will be more realistic. Whilst what Marty's did by his model of communication is a very highly and sophisticated approach of using technology to offer the schema of a very specific communication with the specific aims and specific results. This further a proof that communication has its various dimensional contextually, culturally, psychologically and philosophically. Therefore I do not see that Marty's Models are able to give solution to Irene's problems. Again I wish to remain to whom it may concern that we need to approach our younger generation with mathematics of their world.

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    I do interest with Mr. Masigit opinion. Mathematics is a tool for communication. Students need good mathematics and communication according to his ability. Teachers should be able to distinguish between mathematical communication vertical or horizontal. Today, many people are wrong to communicate mathematics to students. Many also parties who are all capable of translating complex mathematical communication. Okay, mathematics vertical communication is important. But they ever thought about the people still struggling in mathematics or children who still need a better understanding of the mathematics? Therefore, mathematics in horizontal communication is very important in learning, through better approaches to them.