Mar 10, 2013

Mathematics and Language 5

@ David: My very short response that I am interested with your succinctly description of Ernest works. Further, I will say that I am witnessing the pure mathematicians are endangering the younger learner of mathematics. The instantly outcome: possibly YES; but the long-term architecturing creativities: clearly NO.


  1. I think mathematics and mathematics education is little bit different, but it has some similarities too. Mathematics more concern in numeric, symbolizes, theorema, and concept, Mathematics is for who experts it. Mathematics education is needed for studying mathematics. Exactly, both mathematics and mathematics education are same. We can not say that mathematics does not load mathematics education because mathematics need ways to transfer by mathematics education.
    Mathematics education does too. it is used too transfer about mathematics and the value of mathematics. So, in general, we can not differ much between mathematics and mathematics education because there are relationships both of them.
    Consciously or not, the logic is required in mathematics. We can not go against that logic helps us or other students in learning mathematics. so, logic and math are related.
    This time, students are not only exposed to independence. However, mathematics is a history of previous scientists. Students also need to be taught mathematical concepts they have found. So, they can expand as needed.

  2. iLania Eka Andari
    S2 P.Mat C 2017

    Perbedaan matematika murni (formal) dengan pendidikan matematika ada pada subyek dan materi yang diajarkan. Namun tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa pendidikan matematika ada karena matematika ada. Di sisi lain, pendidikan matematika yang dekat dengan kehidupan lah yang telah berjasa mengembangkan matematika sampai jadi seperti sekarang