Mar 20, 2013

Mathematics and Language 10

@Marsigit: I perceive a contradiction.
(a) In your note to me, you mentioned that IT is a useful tool in helping the students to learn. [I am in wholehearted agreement with that, and regret that most education systems are forced by limited budgets to be anachronistic in this regard.]
(b) In your note to Marty, you state that "any kind of model of math/communication produce(d) by adults can only be a trap for the younger." The IT systems that you advocate are produced by adults.
(a) & (b): Contradiction.

@ David: You ask for me to held communication at the level of post-contradiction. At this level, only few people who understand that the essence of communication is not about contradictions themselves, but why there should be a contradiction and how to solve them. I appreciate you have found them; however, again, the problem is not in that scene. It needs a holistic, comprehensive, clear picture, sincerity or without any prejudice and without any certain motif to understand the position and the nature of younger learner and the role of adult peoples. If you did so, you will not perceive above contradiction like as mathematically inconsistency. You start to be aware that we are talking about life phenomena in which we have a larger area than mathematics. Mathematics has their own limit. All my previous explanation has accumulated the ideas of the important of younger learner to develop their own initiative, free thinking, creativity, and autonomous. Again, via this forum I wish to suggest adults people not to force their life to shade the younger learner. The younger learner is not the adult invest; but, the adult, with his product/model, may useful for them to develop their life.

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